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Hazel, I was waiting around the last couple of days for you to post your new photos and didn't think to check here .

I love them all but the Indigo Bunting and Yellow-rumped Warbler are my absolute favorites .

Ownedbycats, I so love your photos too, especially the Woodpecker . And I'm so jealous of your cameras .

Melinda, taking care of that bird is very admirable .

And today...I saw my very first two Orioles , just when I said in one of klmccallum's threads the other day that I've never seen any before. I hope none of the neighbors were looking out their windows cuz I was so excited I squealed and pointed them out to Lucky . I did have my camera but I kinda scared them away to the tops of the trees and my zoom isn't strong enough . Do they stay in one area all season? I'm going to get dh to pick up some grape jelly tomorrow and hope they stick around for a while yet .
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