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ok well I will start by answering your questions SamIam...I bought her from a breeder and he parents are both well looking chi's...she grew up with a brother and sister the short time it was and played with them in the yard...a very happy dog.
She has been back to the vet and her spay went well no complications,and was checked. She has been back to get her heart worm test/prevention meds,and when i took her in she had to be muzzled as they wouldnt work with her otherwise. She was aggressive with them. Which makes sense to me because she wasnt happy to be there for the spay,and when i picked her up, she was only clam tomy touch not theirs at the time.
Its been about 3 mos since the spay..
There isnt any particular event i can think of to make her upset all of a sudden....except for being terrified from the vets..
She is a 7.5lb Chi....she spends most days with me only....then the kids after school....gets along great with them...and the husband only for shorter visits as he works longer hours.
I recently came home to her having shredded a couch anxiety and maybe anger for leaving that night with an event...when i was trying to leave she was trying to jump up at me as she wanted to there is what i can tell you, and thank you for taking the time to help out!
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