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My Chi is showing aggression

My chi now 11months old, has started to show aggression all of a sudden. It seemed ever since i got her spayed, she doesn't trust strangers. Whether adult or a child. I brought her out in public and an adult went to pet her and she lunged and tried to bite her hand as she growled and barked. I couldnt believe she did that. She never used to be that way....the same day a child came up on her quickly and she barked and tried to lunge at him as well. I was so embarassed. I'm thinking she is scared and feels threatened and is trying to defend herself and maybe me as well? I am taking her on her first camping trip and i am so terrified that this will be a horrible experience. I am fearful she will try to attack a stranger. What can i do to let her know this is unacceptable? When i call her she stops and commands me...she knows i am in charge, so she has respect for me. ALso when i leave the home and come back she has torn apart a pillow in agression there too...please give any input here i would grealty appreciate all! Thank you!
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