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The Geraniums are a perennial here, Sam. Maybe some are biennial, but certainly not annuals. We take them for granted and I'd have thought they could stand the dry BUT just reading about them they actually like damp soil. No wonder I lost mine during our long drought. Must take better care of those I have now.
I have two apricot roses planted where I can see them out of my office window, Hazel, that one and Just Joey, a silly name for what must be one of the best roses I've seen. LOL. Oh, I finally got hubby to agree to me making another garden bed facing (running towards) the office, for some of my shade lovers. I will put my Veltheimias there if V. Bracteata grows on okay. I germinated it from seed, but bought V. Capensis as a bulb.

Yesterday we replaced the dog's gazebo - I like a dry area to let the dogs into if it's raining, saves putting on coats just to toilet them - so while we set up the new one I had to shift these Bromeliads out. The three flowers are alike yet different, The two pink and mauve ones are different in size, plus one has variegated leaves, the other does not, while the third starts off a limey green and brown, with the colour changing to two tone mauve. My third photo is of Cerinthe Major, and I like its bluey/green foliage, stands out amongst other plants.
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