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Originally Posted by Gail P View Post
If it doesn't look like either of them and you suspect it's a native tree (growing in the bush I'd assume so) as opposed to an ornamental, just google native poplars of Canada, or native aspen etc.
Great idea, Gail. Thank you!

Originally Posted by doggy lover View Post
We have trembling aspen up at our cottage and the trees get huge and from where I see you have it this wouldn't be a good idea.. is the bark of the tree a smooth greenish white? is the under part of the leaf white? But it does look some kind of a aspen or poplar to me too
The lower trunk is very rough and cracked-like. And the underleaf is is green. I wouldn't plant any close to the house (that one was there before the house was built and before we bought it). I was thinking of planting something like it between us and one of the neighbors.
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