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Hi Lightening,

We had great sucess with our Golden using Barkbusters. All the training was done at our home and the trainer was able to bring her dogs to use as controlled distractions. Our guy used to go nuts at the sight of another dog but he as been really good since we had the training. If your guy was anything like ours you are going to have to see whatever trainer you choose multiple times.
Barkbusters charges a one time fee and then comes back to see you for the life of your dog. It took about 4 sessions for us to really get Finnegan under control but each time the trainer came there was great improvement. Plus if Finnegan ever decides to go back to his old ways our trainer comes back to see us free of charge. We payed $495+gst at the time and got a good 8 hours of training plus the ability to get more help if we need it.

Whoever you choose good luck!

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