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Miss Lulu was my parents 6 month old kitten that passed way just a day ago. She was a orange and white, polydactl kitten, with 6 claws on her front paws, and 8 on her hind legs, with amber eyes. She had gone missing on Monday morning, and when my parents had not seen her still on Tuesday, they really began to worry. Lulu would always come when called, and like most kittens loved being around people, and all the attention.
My parents have a wonderful garden with many pathways for the 4, now 3, cats to hunt, stalk, smell, sunbathe (do whatever cats do all day.) They assumed Lulu had wondered off the property and maybe was trapped somewhere. Unfortunately, her fate was seal when my father discovered her lifeless body in his den lastnight. She had crawled in there to take her final resting place.

What is most upsetting about this, is that her death was not peaceful. My parents had found her in a puddle of blood that she had been expelling from her mouth. We think that she may have gotten into rat poison that a neighbor (or an awful person) had put out in their yard. My parents had found a dead rat three days before, and they do not use pesticides, so they think someone around them may be putting out poison. My father made flyers today with a picture of Lulu to post around the neighborhood. Their neighborhood is very pet friendly and he wants the residents to be aware that their animals may be in danger. We are also worried about the other cats, since Lulu learned her paths from them.

I can't imagine the pain of Lulu's death, and it makes me very sad every time I think about it. She was a very special animal, with a longer life to live.

R.I.P. Lulu
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