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Originally Posted by Ericmpls View Post
I stuck myself twice when I was trying to pull the needle off to throw it away(it didn/t want to come off.
Try twisting the hub counterclockwise as if you were opening a bottle of pop. Twist clockwise to tighten the needle onto the drip line when starting a fluid session to be sure the needle won't accidentally come off.

Originally Posted by Ericmpls View Post
Found Wellness - turkey & chicken(no luck eating it) And Innova chicken (not opened yet)

found Pure Bites chicken freeze dried - he likes it.
It may take a little while for him to try the new foods because it smells different that what he's used to, try offering him a tiny bit on your finger see if he'll lick it that way.

You can also try crumbling a little bit of the PureBites onto the food, you don't want to put too much treat on the food though, the idea is to tempt him into trying something new not just covering it up otherwise he might try to just eat the treat on top & leave the rest.

Have you tried mixing a little bit (start tiny 1/4-1/2 teaspoon) of canned food in the dish with the cooked chicken? Will he eat it that way?

Not sure about the hiding food, did he go back for it later?

Originally Posted by Ericmpls View Post
He is on 3 pills a day on Azodyl. permanently, on internet a bottle of the same quanity (60) is abt $12 a bottle cheaper. Does anyone know if it is the same as what I get from the Vet? The bottle looks different
I would be very wary if the bottle looks different, it is possible that is a different product. Even though it was a bit higher I always purchased Azodyl & other supplements from my vet, I was assured of the quality that way.
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