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Bentley has tried everything short of jumping into the pond to get this fellows attention. He has run around the pond barking, stood on the deck and barked at the duck, all the duck does is move to the other side of the pond and ignore him, ha, ha. Bentley now just sits in his chair and watches the duck, ha, ha. The duck has won the battle.
Baxter could care less about the duck thank goodness.

The koi are doing well. I did lose 3 this past winter. I'm not sure why, the last one was a favorite orange and black fish we called pumpkinhead. She developed cold water bloat late this winter and passed on. The other two died early in winter. Some of them just can't take the cold and it was a very cold winter this past one. The other 15 fish are just fine though including the 3 babies from last years spawn. Midge looks like she's scoping out spawning grounds now. The warmer weather this week is sure to make her deposit eggs everywhere.

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