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If she's chewing on the bars of her crate, then she's obviously associating it as a negative place I would refrain from putting her in there. The metal bars can cause serious damage to her teeth in a very short amount of time (spoken from experience, it's about $2k for canine root cannals, ouch!)

Do you have a smaller, completely doggy-proof room that you could put her in? If she's a small breed, perhaps the bathroom? (just lift up the rugs and shower curtain).

I would treat her exactly as a small puppy, and start with leaving her alone at the cabin for small periods of time (maybe 10-15 minutes to start), and slowly increase the amount of time you're gone.
Start by leaving her in there when you go for a walk, or a swim, whatever.
Don't make a big deal about leaving, and don't make a big deal about coming home. Give her some stuffed kongs or other toys to keep her occupied and mentally stimulated while you're gone - just something else to focus her energy on, other than the fact that you're not there.

Over time, she'll start to view the cabin as a second home, and learn that's ok to spend time there alone.
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