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Thanks to everyone for your condolences and advice. These words are all very helpful at this time.

We visited the location where she has been buried and it was more painful than helpful. She has been buried with several tons of other ashes in an open pit. When the year is complete the pit will be closed and a marker showing the year 2011 will mark her grave along with several thousand other pets. Currently there is a wooden fence around the pit.

For such a courageous and brilliant dog who started in a puppy mill and I rescued from a house that was going to put her down almost 20 years ago this seems like a very unfit ending. We passed by numerous other grave sites that had monuments and tributes much more fitting. I can see how something like that would have been helpful to get closure and also to visit and remember her fondly. Now going to the pet cemetery is more like a reminder that she was cremated with a bunch of animals and then dumped like landfill into a pit awaiting literally several tons of other ashes to be dumped on top. -- I'd prefer it if someone had kicked me in the teeth.

I've got to take some more time and let things simmer down. I'm still very upset. I wanted a private cremation and to keep her ashes. We had plans for them that were more in line with a tribute to her and also to help us get some closure on her passing.

Thanks everyone again for your thoughts and suggestions.
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