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We picked up our amazing puppy Crosby on April 21st in Whitby also!!! I meant to post since then but sadly have been without internet
Crosby is our pride and joy. When we picked him up he was absolutely terrified and didn't whine, bark, or cry for the first 36 hours we had him. He also didn't come out of his crate once we put him in for the trip home (another 3 hours for the poor guy). We just picked up the whole crate and brought it inside..and then finally the next night we decided to pick up the whole crate and bring it outside to our large fenced in area (we thought he might think of it as another crate). We just let him be and sat on the stairs hoping the fresh air would brighten him up. Sure enough he stood up (thank god...we were worried his legs didn't work!) and came out of the crate and ran around a bit. Then he was terrified of the it took another 24 hours of us lifting him from his bed in the house outside to use the bathroom. The first three days he was going to the bathroom lying down in his bed--which was really hard to catch him to correct it. But after the first three days he was running around like a maniac and within 24 hours he was housetrained. He's very smart. Already knows simple commands and he sleeps right through the night without a sound.
We really love him and are so happy to have dealt with SOS! We will definitely go back once we decide to get the Nash and Stills of our family!
Once I figure out how to post a picture I definitely will!
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