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Thank you for your reply, he was licking his lips alot b4 I took him in - but now not at all - he drinks water alot - no problem with that - they think but not sure he may have an ulcer so he is on pepcid ac and Sucrafate. (he is not nausea) Vet told me no more of his favorite soft treats - so I got milkbones - he is eating them -

For appetite he is on 7 grams a day of mirtazapine as a slurry

His energy level is up and down - today / yesterday I gave him 250ml of LRS and his energy level was way down all day.

I boiled chicken breast with rice today and he ate about 8 oz of the chicken - he is acting like he is hungry (he goes to the KD food and keeps smelling it but walks away - he was eating it on Friday - He has always been very picky on dog food b4 the kidney problems
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