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LRS Treatment (Kidneys)

My Shih tzu (around 9 years old)quite eating for abt 5 days and was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney disease Wednesday, he is back from the Hospital and his levels dropped from
BUN from 97 to 50
CREA from 4.7 to 2.9
PHOS from10 to 4.8

****He still doesn't have his appetite back as of today, he's on the KD renal food now and is taking a appetite stimulant???

Back in November he was diagnosed with Hip Disp. and his Kidneys and Liver were tested for Meds and they were fine.

My Vet said ongoing treatment for the Kidneys(not including his Hip meds) will be arnd $230 month - I'm trying to drop that by buying some of the meds online IE Azodyl / LRS treatment 2-3 times weekly. I noticed there are a few sites online selling the LRS solution for about 75% less then my Vet.
***Any recommendations on which company to buy from??

***Also what size(gauge) needle?? My vet gave me a 1' needle with a blue hub but I don't know the gauge???
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