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i had a dog who had seizures from the dog food i was feeding they are full of perservatives and all kinds of chemicals. if you feeding any purina, iams, science diet , eukanuba these are very low quality brand with loads of chemicals and CORN based dog food. Dogs need better quality food like, merrick,wellness,evo, go,artimis, taste of the wild, blue buffallo. low quality food are full of food coloring, bht/bha. learn to read your ingreds list on the side of the bags. go check out some of these brands on the internet and look at the difference in ingreds list.

i had a choc lab since age 8 had mutiple seizures and 2 grand mals seizures, once i read about the food i was feeding i put my dog on quality food and took her off he phenobarbital and she never had another seizor again and she lived till 14 years old.
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