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SOS Experience


I joined specifically to post on this thread, like I believe others have. I had an okay experience with SOS.

It started in March, 2010 when I fell in love with 'Porto' (now Bentley, Ben, Ben Bear, Benner, Boog) on Petfinder. Bentley is a purebred Bernese Mtn. Dog who was found roaming in Alma, so I was told. Apparently whoever found him brought him back to his home and his owners didn't want him back.

Bentley spent 4 weeks at the pound in Alma, QC before coming home to me. I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and I drove and met Josee in Quebec City. Bentley was intact when I got him, I paid the retainer and got it back promptly after providing proof of neuter.

I was told he was 'about 100lbs' but he was 78lbs when I got him, so his time at the pound was rough. He was emotionally shut down, not housetrained, didn't know how to eat out of a bowl but was a quiet boy who was wanted attention.

About three weeks after I brought him home, I saw a new side of him. He couldn't be left alone anymore, he terrorized the house when left alone. In one day my previously mellow dog tipped over two tables and their chairs, broke a window, cut himself on the glass, broke three shelving units etc.

After working with a trainer and my vet, Bentley was medicated for a few months but is now good as gold.

Bentley is a Therapy Dog and has just started dabbling in Rally Obedience!

I do have a question for the SOS volunteer - we've always wondered if Bentley had a life as a show dog, based on how he is to groom, how he corrects his stance etc. Do you know if there is any way for me to trace him back a bit?


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