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i have a pitbull his name is Gus he is 3 years old.. i got him from a shelter out here in connecticut... i say a year after i had him he had his first seizure.. took him to the vet they said he was epileptic and they put him on meds which didnt work.. since then he has had seizures on and off for the past year i say one every 2 - 3 months.. i went on a work trip which he had 2 out of the 4 days i was gone.. and its been 3 months since then and yesterday he had one.. and today he had 2 more..which is the most he has ever had. im sorry im typing like this i am just trying to get this all out. i am still shaking because when i see it i start crying and it just hurts to watch i love this dog so much . i dont know what to do i have brought him to numerous vets which have just sucked money out of me and not given me an answer.. now my girlfriend lost her job and i am supporting the whole house and i am looking for a an emergency vet that will take some kind of payment option and am getting no help.. just looking for an answer if anyone could help me thank you
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