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I was asked to give my on Petcam.

To begin I have no direct clinical experience with Petcam. My understanding is that it comes from India. I do not know more than that or about the quality controls there. The concern with generics is always 1) does it have the same bioavialability as the original? 2) what is the quality control and safety factors.

For clients that need generics due to cost I have in the past used a compounding pharmacy that I trusted. I knew the facilities, the pharmacists and their level of quality. As such I could get medications at a good cost, the concentration I needed and get them as flavored liquids when I needed.

Regardless of where the generic drug comes from, I would recommend that you ask your veterinarian for their opinion. Some drugs seem to be fine as generic and I use them quite often. There are others that I have stayed very clear of.

I hope that helps.
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