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Hi 1John

I just wanted to let you know that for the most part, pits are gentle cuddly and fun dogs! I never thought I would have heard myself say that...but a few months volunteering at a shelter where there is almost nothing but pits I can tell you I NEVER had an incident with one. THEY ALL were just big silly cuddlers that loved to play and receive affection.

It disgusts me that they're full in shelters with these dogs who have the biggest hearts.

I've had more close calls with other breeds but have always felt comfortable with the pits.

I repeat I have NEVER had one growl, snarl, lunge, bite , show it's teeth or aggression towards me. They are people pleasers!

Muta is still up for adoption at the Scarborough Shelter
I saw her posted on there..she's been in since November and is the most beautiful gentle girl that I've ever met.

Someone with love and room PLEAASE consider her she is an angel!

Go to this link.
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