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Oh sorry, didn't realize we weren't supposed to post personal emails. PMs are great too!

Millitnt - Greg doesn't do lessons, he does 2-3 hour sessions for $400-$600. His references are great and I'm sure he knows his stuff, but I just don't see how I will have enough of a handle on his behaviour in 3 hours to never need help again (he does provide phone and email support, but how do you address behavioural issues over the phone?). I've always heard that training sessions should be short and positive and I think a slow and steady approach is likely going to be best on account of Lightening's situation and history and my ability to adapt to his needs as he changes and improves over time.

I want someone to work with Lightening and I on an ongoing basis, and for a more reasonable price. While I don't mind investing that amount in the long run, I can't afford it in a lump sum and would rather not put all my eggs in one basket.

Please, anyone else with suggestions, I'd really appreciate hearing them! And I believe my PMs are enabled so feel free to contact me that way as well!
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