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All the test on the heart went great , I go to the Orthopedic Friday to find out if they want to try a boot first or just go ahead and operate. If they do operate then it will be out patient so I will be right back home w/Matsi. She hasnt blew anymore clot's but she gets more and more attatched to me every day.,if I leave the room for anything she is on me, Chris cannot get her to do anything unless I am involved. I do think it is funny but I do know it is because I take care of her. Matsi has been so full of her self, happy go lucky latley but I am not letting my guard down, I still keep a close ear out on her breathing. Yesterday I was walking her and she is always so friendly w/ all dogs but this little teenage dog was being a bully and come running up behind us , she turned around and went after him, this time it wasnt nice. She really suprised me. But if she would of gotten ahold of that dog it wouldnt of been our fault cause she was on her leash and we went to the oposite of the street..
Matsi is so head strong about her nap time w/me and then going to bed about 9:30, if I dont get up and go w/her she is on me telling me what she thinks. I guess you can say her good and bad days are about equal . I dont know but I listen to her breath and it isnt right, nor is it getting any better. I just cannot do that to her yet, she is full of lifeat times. I dont know but I kinda figure she is probly taking care of me,cause I had to bring out some of my medical equipment. She is so good w/that stuff too.As far as I go I have so much wrong w/the spine and w/all the joints in my body ,I will always have to get operated on. Just the effects of being a tomboy and a rough past. I spent alot of time praying for others , to let me take thier problems so they wouldnt have to hurt and I could handle it. God knows I have enough wrong.
Thank you so much though, after I get this stuff fixed I have to get my glocoma checked again andget some MRI's of my spine again, my back isnt right from the last operation on it last May.. It just goes on and on, But my Matsi has been w/me threw it all.
God I just love her so very much, she is my life.
I hope you and all your babies are doing fine. We finally got a break from the severe weather, Matsi and I have been pulling weeds in the garden, and Chris go out and rolls on his back like Matsi does. It is so cute to watch the two of them. Chris has also gotten out his camcorder and been shooting alot of footage of me and Matsi just doing what we do. I think it is so sweet, he said this way I can still watch her play when it does happen. It is just such a sweet thing he is doing for us.
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