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Help - Pug

Thank you all for the replies and good wishes. I told my vet that I saw my boy lifting one paw briefly. That is when she said "ok, this is a cervical spine issue". She doesn't want to put him under anesthesia unnecessarily because of his age, and I agree. So she said lets put him on a pain med and muscle relaxant for one week and see if he improves. If he does, then that is what it is. Well, he is on Metcam once a day and Robaxin twice a day. After his first dose of these meds, he felt so much better, had more energy, lifting his head, wagging his tail, so much happier. And so am I!! He needs to rest for a week, only outside to do his business and take the meds for one week. We'll go from there. Thank God! I am so relieved to know he is no longer in pain. No more twitching in the neck. Thanks everyone.
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