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I have a 10 week Cocker Spaniel and while I'm not sure if it's the breed that's easier to potty train, but Lily is almost potty trained. She whines to go outside by the door already. I take her out directly after naps, 20 to 30 mins after eating or drinking and first thing in the morning. I don't do anything else in the morning, just take her straight outside. Maybe it's because I'm overly excited when she goes? I do make quite the big deal out of it, I'm sure it annoys my neighbors and now even they know when my dog goes potty outside. She just loves the attention anyway. I don't give her treats for going potty outside, praise is enough. If you need to, like potty training a child, set your timer if need be. Of course, much easier said than done if you are home all the time like I am. Good luck! And like Hazelpack always says, I'd love to see pics! :-)
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