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Wow, what a weekend... we signed up for this because of the booth John & Yvonne ran at the Doggie Dash last fall... so we figured it would be a good idea to help them represent at the Ridge Meadows Home show.

Well... a one-hour shift on Friday turned into two hours and we barely covered half the floor. Another two-hour shift on Sunday and we still didn't get by every booth. Just taking Groucho and Dusty around the floor, and we couldn't get three steps without someone else stopping us wanting to see the dogs and talk about their volunteer work. We handed out a least a dozen info brochures and business cards as well to other people who were interested in signing up their dogs.

Poor Dusty... after an hour at the park Sunday morning, an hour at obedience training, and then a couple hours at the Home Show, he was POOPED. Outside the building, we put his water dish down for him... he started drinking, then laid down and kept drinking... and I'm pretty sure he actually dozed off with his face in the bowl.
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