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Need Help!!!!

I have a 12 week old female min pin that will not stop peeing on things, clothes, carpet, blankets etc... as well in her crate. We take her outside every 2 hours if not more and she will pee and poop outside. I have had her to the vet 4 days ago and she is perfectly healthy. I have washed everything and everywhere she has gone to my knowledge. Then my female mastiff who is 11 months old decided she was going to relieve herself in the same spots as the min pin....but that stopped quickly.

Any help, info, ideas would be great.

Just a little back ground, I had the min pin first and the problem started before the mastiff came into the house and both dogs get along great. Cat is a no show till the kids are sleeping and the only place she hasn't relieved herself is where the cat litter box is. I have owned two dogs before which neither have met the min pin nor been in the house I live in.
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