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These ponies are pretty small, Longblades, my friend is only 5 foot tall. Yes, the mini horses are a lot finer I think. Here, in this photo, is one of her brown mares as a foal, also two photo's of its sire, who happens to also be the sire of Lucy, if you can follow that. The names they have for the colouring of these littlies is a bit complicated, ditto for the genetics that go into breeding the colour you want, it all goes over my head a bit. (I will NOT get one. I will NOT get one - I just have to keep telling myself that. ) This little stallion is a cutie though. When I was a lot younger I used to help another friend show stud book shetlands(and Welsh Mountains and Australian Ponies) and have always wanted a shetland, just can't justify buying one , I already have enough pets in my dogs and cats. And I have two Welshies anyway.

The three chestnut teams would look great, good idea.
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