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We left her for one and one half hours this morning. I did not have time to set up a video camera before we left. I did exactly what I would have done if I had caged her except that I did not close the cage door. I told her to get into her cage and gave her the things I would normall leave in the cage. Then we left.

When I got home all of the things that I had left with her in the cage were outside of the cage. She was asleep in her usual spot for sleeping during the day which is outside of the cage. She didn't seem upset. In fact, after she greeted us, she went back to sleep.

I'm hoping that the answer is that I don't need the cage. I really appreciate the help. Sometimes things seem so complicated and they are really so simple. I am hoping that is the case with Panda.

I will check in here to see if anyone else has anything to add to this thread. I will, also, come back and let everyone know how our dog, Panda, is doing.

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