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I started with the cage down to a size where she can lay down or stand to turn around. That did not work. I tried giving her the whole cage with her bed in about 1/2 of the cage and nothing in the other half. The thought behind that was that if she was going to potty in the cage she would not have to do it on her bed. That didn't work. She used her bed. So, we went back the the small cage.

She did not show any signs of unusual behavior or distressed behavior when I taped her. She worked for a while to get the food that was put into her kong (or whatever that thing is called). She chewed on what was provided and she played with a stuffed toy. Then she slept. Repeat this three times and you have the videos.

I have to leave for a short time this morning. I am going to try the first suggestion and leave her confined but, not in the cage. I intend to keep everything else the same--like her kong, her toys and her chew things. Even if nothing happens that I wouldn't want her to do that doesn't mean that it won't happen the next time or the time after that. However, it is a beginning and something new to try.

Thanks for the suggestions, again.
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