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What a good idea to leave her out of the cage and yet confined in an area of the house. Why didn't I think about that? Thaank you. I'll try that.

To answer your other questions. I did try the video recorder three times when I had her caged. All three times were times when she did not leave me any surprises in the cage. Like I told you, I never know when it will happen. I guess, I could just record her every time I leave until I catch her. I stopped after three times trying because I thought she was over the problem. There have been times that she has gone so long without this problem that I thought we were done with it.

I don't know her history. I, too, thought she may have been kept caged for too much before I got her. If that was the case, I was hoping for ideas to try to overcome her past. You gave me one idea to try and some others may have other ideas.

One of the very last things that I do before I leave and cage her is to take her outside for a walk. Ususally, not a long walk but, long enough for her to relieve herself.

While cleaning her cage after she uses it for a potty isn't what I'd like to do, it isn't that big of a problem for me since it doesn't happen every time. Certainly, this dog could have much worse problems than that. I'd like to see this cleared up for her sake and not mine since she would not have to be caged any longer at any time if I could do that.

Thanks again.

Any more suggestions from anyone else?
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