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I need suggestions to stop dog from peeing in cage

I have a seven month old rescue dog. She is husky mix. We got her when she was three months old. She is housebroken and it only took about three weeks to do that.

However, she will pee and poop in her cage when left alone. She has done this from the beginning of her time with us. It does not happen all of the time and it does not seem to be linked to the amount of time she is left in the cage. She has been left for as long as five hours and she was fine in the cage. She has pooped in her cage when left for as little as one half hour.

We are retired so, she does not get left in the cage often. She gets walked often and she gets a lot of attention. We have taken her to training classes so, you can see she is a busy dog. The problem doesn't seem to be lack of mental or physical exercise.

She has been sleeping all night long without having to be taken outside to potty for about two months. Since she began to sleep all night, I have not put her in the cage at night. I started by putting her in the cage but, leaving the door open. She would stay in the cage for a few hours and then spend the rest of the night elsewhere. Now, she sleeps in her bed that is outside of the cage all of the time.

I figure she is having some kind of separation problem but, I would like to know what everyone thinks we should do about it.

Every other dog that we have had over the years, from childhood on were allowed to have the run of the house when we left. I would like that for this dog, too. But, I am at a total loss. It seems that as I search the net, I have done things right but, not gotten the right results.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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