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Lucy's dapples are nice, I agree Hazel.
My friend's GSD pup followed us out to the colt and they seemed great together, though when the colt took a playful nip at the dog, the dog nipped back, it looked like a game though. The 3 girls were wanting the feed she had with her and started threatening to kick one another, but that amounted to just bumping rumps against each other, which looks kind of funny when they keep doing it.
Erykah, the first good Spring after our 13 years of drought apparently there were horses and ponies foundering all over this area, size didn't seem to matter, but basically it seems to be the ponies that suffer, doesn't it? That bare paddock they were in was a result of the January floods, she had a foot of water flowing accross there. She's put the 5 girls into a better paddock now. This is her 'odd man out', her Apaloosa mare, Ruby(?). I was surprised by how active she is in the paddock, rearing, trotting around, pig-rooting and bucking. Happy to have some attention maybe.
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