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Meloxicam Generics

Thanks for the information. They both have the same problems - hip dysplasia - they are relatively small dogs so it's treated by keep their weight under control and pain meds when needed. They've been given Metacam for probably 2 years...intermittently as needed, which is about twice a week roughly as we go to a cottage on weekends and they just can't help themselves to having as much fun as possible!! This usually ends up with them in some pain.

In terms of generics....we certainly take generics all the time for our own bodies (some of which are manufactured locally, some not)...certainly we have regulatory bodies that control that I simply didn't know if it would be the same for Meloxicam.

I've had Metacam shipped to Canada in the past with no problems. A script was not required as it was being shipped out of the country, which I found interesting but didn't have any issues with - easy enough to get one from my vet if needed....only bought after a long conversation on the phone with the pharmacy.

You mention better alternatives to treat the pain....any suggestions?

Thanks much.
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