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Originally Posted by Cecilb10 View Post
Hi There...I have two dogs who have hip issues that we give Metacam to regularly as costs about $175 per 100 ml bottle. On the internet I see Petcam advertised for a fraction of this price....anyone have any advise or experience useing Petcam instead of Metacam...any other options? Thanks much. I've bought Metacam in the States and had it sent up here in the past and that saves some money but it's still rather expensive.
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Okay, what exactly is the pain? Arthritis? There are MANY MANY MANY better things to do for your dog than use Metacam. I know Metcam is much safer in dogs than cats but I've still seen a few dogs die from metacam, including a 4 month old puppy that was perfectly happy and fine, then got spayed and after another vet decided to give the puppy FOUR days of metacam, she went into kidney failure out of the blue and after we had to sit there and try to force feed her, we eventually put her to sleep after about 2 weeks because she was soooo sooo sick.

Here is the info sheet on the injectable

Also, how the heck are you ordering this stuff anyways? Do you have a prescription? I am VERY against ordering meds offline... especially medicines like this that are already iffy or dangerous to begin with. If it is not a trusted company, who knows if the medicine is real or if it has been properly stored & handled before coming to you. I /never/ order ANY meds offline for my animals (and I practically have small zoo in my house) just because I am way too paranoid.

Here is the company that makes Petcam

Meloxicam 1.5mg/ml oral suspension
Petcam Oral Suspension
10ml, 32ml, 100ml, 2.5ml
Meloxicam 15mg/ml Oral Suspension
Equi-Melfam Suspension
5ml, 10ml
Meloxicam 20mg/ml
Vetcam Injection
Meloxicam 5mg/ml
Petcam Injection
This is NOT a North American based company, so the Petcam could be made in some 3rd world country... Doesn't seem worth the risk for me

Let's put it this way, if you were taking medicine and saw you could order it online from some random company in some random country, would YOU take it?

As far as helping with hip problems, there are some AWESOME alternatives that work much better than metacam.
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