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Thank you so much for all the help! I will get the hang of this. I will add a lot more meat to his diet. His poop is still very small and whitish. When he has beef his poop is more substantial and dark, kind of weird.

Is feeding Cornish game hens the same as chicken? What about turkey meat and bones, too similar to chicken to count as different? The only meats that I have readily available are chicken, turkey, beef, pork, Cornish game hens and canned sardines. I asked for whole sardines in the fish department and they didn't have any. I haven't tried the International Markets, yet. They will probably have more of a variety of meats that I can't find in the regular grocery store.

Bailey will need more at meal time, since he is playing outside a lot now. The weather is turning really nice, when it's not raining! The hole he is digging in the front yard makes him hungry and tired. I think he is trying to dig to the center of the earth.
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