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Hello , I am back. We have had some Monsterious storms and I thought we were going to get blown away from a Tornado. It was here and we watched another form out across the street. I had the wabageebees scared out of me and no where to go. We live in a Trailor and were caught between to Tornado's.. It has been bad here. Finally a break. But the storm's burned my Modem and I had to get it fixed. The storm chaser's have had a field day here in St.Louis area.
Then Matsi has been blowing out Clot's out her nose left and right, and they are getting harder to stop bleeding. Then I had to get 2 MRI"s. I have to have sergery on my right foot and knee. I have torn Tendons in each and dont know how it happened unless it was walking Matsi. I also have to get a Echo w/a Stress test tomorrow.We really think I had a Heart attack. Atleast it is pointing towards it, so I am getting the Echo done before I go under the knife again. I just had back sergery last May. It has just been totally nut's here . But I havent seen anything like the Tornado's that came threw sence I was a little kid at Grandpa's in OK. I had Matsi under the desk crawling in my lap and Midnight ( the Lab ) on the other side of me and then Phoebe ( the Havanese ) crawling up my butt. I just knew we were had it was all here , the sound the hail was bigger than Golf ball's the green color, tree's rain and rain coming down sideways and us stuck between 2, one 1 of them was less than a 1/2 mile away.
But to Matsi she has been sneezing more and more clot's and it is so hard to stop the bleeding. Day before yesterday I couldnt get it to stop, it was like a drip but w/all that has been going on I finally broke down again. She hasnt benn feeling to good . I see it in her eyes and it hurt's that I cannot do anything. I just keep telling her how good she look's and Mommie will take care of it all. But in my mind I am just going * oh god please make it stop * I am changing her bed cloths more and more now, cause of the drainage. We took her shopping today over at Petsmart. Matsi likes going and picking out what she want's and they are getting used to seeing her. Matsi gets a huge Milk Bone at the register and she takes it and start's for the door. It is just so cute to watch her leave w/her bone in her mouth , like she is saying * ok I got what I want , Thank Bye * and she looks back at me as she and Chris are going for the door.
I have to keep her w/me when I go pretty much every where and she isnt enjoying it as much as she used to. She even got sick last week. But I dont want to come home and find her. I have to keep her w/ one of us at all times. Then Matsi got upset today cause I wasnt taking her to the Doc w/me , I didnt have no idea how long I was gonna be ,just like tomorrow when I do the Echo. But the good part everything can be done out patient. Which is what I want so I can be w/my baby. She has been having more bad than good day's anymore. Every afternoon Matsi comes and lay's her head on the arm of the couch and just stare's at me. This is her begging me to come to bed w/her for a afternoon nap. It is just so cute the way she does that. Which she is doing that now. We also have so much blood snot on the wall's from where she sneeze's. I cannot bring myself to wipe it off the wall nexted to the bed,and off the back of one of my Eagle picture's taken at the Santuary. It is Matsi, and it is to hard to get rid of.
I will be back on line, if it isnt storming. It has been doing that for a week staight and today and tomorrow we got a break sorta. But Matsi want's what she want's and I do give it to her. So it is nap time.
You probly get tired of me asking but was Priscilla like this before the end ? I so hate to ask and keep doing this to you. It does help me to know what is ahead of me though.
Thanks for asking about us.
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