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MH has given you great advice, FurryMom. I just wanted to add that you can feed whole frozen sardines instead of the canned type if you want to stick to raw. Usually found in the seafood department of a grocery store.

Do you have a poultry store or butcher that sells poultry in your area? I find these are the best places to get good quality meat at the best prices. Rather than carcasses, you can buy whole chickens with organ included (ask to have them cut into pieces for you) so that you needn't worry so much about the bone:meatrgan ratio when feeding chicken.

I have to add, when our guys choose to not eat a cut of something they normally do, then I suspect the meat is off. There was a time I bought fresh chicken from a slaughter house nearby and they refused to touch it. Dh wouldn't let me throw it in the garbage so I decided to cook it up for them. The meat swelled during cooking and was next to impossible to cut with a knife . I've since learned to trust them when they refuse to eat something, especially if I've gotten it from a new place.
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