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Thanks Merlin. I'm actually concerned he is getting too much calcium. The bone and meat ratio seems way off to me. The leg of a chicken seems to have more bone on it than meat. Tonight is beef night and I'm not going to worry about giving him any bone. All I have right now are steaks that were on manager's special at the grocery store here. I haven't been able to find a raw food group to be able to get much more variety than what I can find at the grocery store or the butcher shop (they have limited selection). I'm not sure that I even need enough food to worry about finding a raw food group.

Maybe I shouldn't worry too much about bone on beef night. His poopies are chalky and with very little substance. I really hope I get the hang of this soon. I just don't know where you guys get the chicken backs, necks and all the other doggie yummies you are able to find.
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