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always been curious about treat training and clicker training.

Okay, I have always wondered about these two methods of training. Have a few questions. And I don't want to start a bashing thread, I would just like some insight. I have a serious stubborn dog , Spitz X2 is all I need to say. Puppy training, she refused treats when the trainer tried, she has cautiously accepted treats with her little front teeth, just to put them down and pee on them as an adult. I have had trainers and a behaviourist drag her around the yard while she played "rock" for hours.
Yet if she does something good, she goes bananas for a verbal "goooood girl" and chest rub. You can see her puff up in proudness. One "HEY" and i can stop her in her tracks chasing anything. I know she is not one for strangers, while she sits at my feet I shake their hand and let her sniff, after that she is okay.
So that is a bit of a break down of how my dog works.
Now my questions, I was just thinking these while reading another post, didn't want to hi-jack, so started my own thread.

For treat training, how do you approach a situation when there are no treats? What do you do if the dog ONLY performs for treats? If you dog decides to turn and run after something, how do you stop them with a treat or a clicker? If you are treat training, and have to pull out a treat infront of another dog who may not be food friendly, what do you do?
Thank you for any information.
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