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Here's my
I'd be happy to elaborate on any of this if you want

Originally Posted by Buddy49 View Post
After he had a good sniff I picked him up, thinking it would allow him to become aquainted face to face, and she patted his head and he licked her hand. Still standoffish tho.
I wouldn't do this. Many little dogs dislike being picked up when stressed (well, actually most times :P). It dis-empowers them. If your dog is growling in fear/anxiety this could exacerbate it.
I would have the person get as low as possible, look away from the dog and offer small food rewards for increased proximity.

Is he reacting to new people coming in the house? You could work on de-sensitizing him to visitors entering and exiting to decrease his anxiety. You could also teach an incompatible behavior (something he can't do while being reactive) - like "go to your mat" - that you will ask of him when you have friends over before he is allowed to greet them.

Originally Posted by Buddy49 View Post
When we're walking I tell him to be quiet
I'd nix that too. He has no idea what you are asking him to do, so why confuse him?

Your instinct to keep going is good if you don't want them to greet. In this situation I would work on a "watch me" to divert his attention while you move past. Alternatively, you could move off the path of the incoming traffic, put him in a sit and wait for him to offer the behavior you want to see (i.e. looking at people and not growling) and reward him then.

If you do want them to meet, walk him to several feet beside (never directly at) the individuals and let him move towards them on his own terms. If they can offer him something delicious that will also help - this will build a positive association with greeting new people.

Most are very accommodating if you tell them that you are trying to socialize a dog
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