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New Synthetic-free Food for Dogs

I'm an independent marketing consultant and the new food you're discussing is one of my clients. I will try to answer the questions raised in your discussion to be helpful and offer clarity but hope this will not be perceived as promotion or violation of the forum's policies.

This new food will be sold in Canada by Global Ryan's Pet Foods (in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & PEI) to start and is scheduled to launch and arrive in store shelves by late May.

The company's owner did work for the pet specialty retailer you mentioned in your discussion, before forming this new company, which is independent and not affiliated.

We are not heavily promoting the product until we launch in mid-May but you can read about it on the website, which is now live, and will answer many of your ingredient and other questions. The correct name is Carna4 and the URL is for a .com domain. It's also on Twitter & Facebook if you want to field questions there, as well.
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