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Needing a kitten replacement milk that doesn't use milk!

Hi all. I'm Mel, I'm new here and in a bind. We have a week old kitten that I've been feeding with replacement milk. I have just a day or two left that milk before it runs out and we are stuck behind a flooded creek and can't get out. I'm also rapidly running out of 2%milk for human use but I can grab a little of it to feed to the kitten if I have to. What I'd like to know is, if there is any thing I can cut the kitten replacement milk with that will strecth it for a day or two more. OR if there is any thing I can feed him that will not need cow's milk in the recipe. The 2%milk is the only other milk I have at the house. No PET milk or canned/dry milk at all. I was so not prepared for this flood! Any help at all would greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mel
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