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Thanks Merlin!! I think it would be easier for me to serve up some organs with every meal. I look at it similar to what you have said. One carcass with a few organs. I am going the Frankenprey route. So chicken meat, bones, liver and gizzards. I need to bone up (heheh) on my animal anatomy. I haven't looked for hearts or other internal stuff. I wouldn't give Bailey more than one egg per week, if that. He loves cooked eggs, even though he has only had a small taste. Does boiling them take away any nutritional value? Maybe if I mixed in the egg with the organs he would eat the organs more readily, something to try.

I haven't gotten any real answers on beef or pork. I think I might stay away form pork all together. But, with beef, he won't eat the bones, he just kind of gnaws on them. So far I have only given him rib bones that were cut pretty small with the piece of meat. Those are pretty fatty so I won't feed those as one meal. I'm afraid that beef bones are too hard for him and end up taking them away. I'm scared he will break a tooth. So if he isn't getting beef bones with his beef meal, what would be appropriate? He doesn't seem to get diarrhea with just a beef/no bone meal. So maybe I'm over thinking, yet again.
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