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I have a question about organ meat night.
Again, what you need to remember is that if your dog caught a squirrel, it would have two kidneys, only one liver and one heart. Same holds true of your dog caught a giraffe or a water buffalo, so the organs should be proportionate to the amount of meat you feed. So roughly only 10% of your overall meal should be organ meat. Please take note that heart is muscle meat, not "organ" meat.

You can just rinse off the sardines in water.

Eggs - raw eggs should be served with prudence. They are extremely high in vitamin A, and unstable biotin when raw, so only a couple of times per week is best. \If you want to serve them daily, consider boiling them. By boiling them you stablize the biotin and reduce the risk of overdose. In the wild, they would not have constant access to eggs, only during a specific time of year - or at chance opportunities with a farmer, so their own intake would be limited as well.

Green tripe. If you can't find fresh, raw, green tripe locally, you can find it in cans at a better pet stores.
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