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Bailey is getting better with the raw diet. He has been on it for a month now. He is eating all the meat with no problem. I still can't get him to touch the meat and bone. I gave him chicken liver and chicken gizzard tonight (for the first time) with a bone that still had a little meat and skin left on it. He ate it all. I had to add cottage cheese to the liver and gizzard to get him to eat it. I think he hates the texture of liver, I can't really blame him .

I have a question about organ meat night. I am pretty sure you should only give the organs of one animal at a time, but how much do you give? I will give him organ meat once a week. Do I give him as much as I would with a normal meal?

I have some tripe, but I'm not so sure that it's the right kind. I don't think I can find green tripe at a butcher here. I'm fairly certain they don't hack the animals up there (excuse the crudeness), so I wouldn't be able to get them to save some for me. I have read that there is some green tripe in a can. Is that just as good? I also read that it stinks to high heaven!

Also, I have some canned sardines in water and was wondering how much to give him? I haven't opened the can so I can't say how big they are. Do I give him the whole can? Half the can? I read the ingredients and there is salt in there. I checked their website, since the nutritional facts aren't on the can. For one can there is 230mg of sodium and 8 grams of fat. Fish is a little harder for me to grasp than the other meats. I want him to get the proper amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that he needs. I'm also afraid he won't eat fish.

About eggs. Do you feed one egg as a meal or do you mix one with something else. Cooked? Raw? With shell? Without shell?

I'm sure I'm over thinking this, but I don't want to harm my baby by trying to do the best for him. I'm a worrier, I can't help myself. I love my baby boy and want to do the right thing.

Thanks in advance and I'm sorry I was long-winded.
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