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Insight? No, but I can offer a similar story. We only kept our little feral because she fell in love with the dog. We live trapped her, she was like a mink in the cage. Had her spayed, the VEt said she'd never make a pet, was too old to adapt. Probably people chased her away and dogs too so why she was so enthralled with our dog is a mystery. She would do anything in order to get to our dog and rub up against her, including going close to me and she gradually transferred, no make that included me in her affections.

Little feral kitty is still extremely shy with most other people but, get this. She would make herself shown to folks who loved the dog. Like my Mum. And a friend of the OH who wasn't all that keen on cats but he liked the dog so she let him see her as well, but not touch. My cat loving friend who cat sits rarely sees much more than the end of her tail when she streaks for cover. Why? Because when we are away and cats need sitting the dog is usually with us. Silly little cat.

All of our cats used to like to snuggle with that dog but after little feral kitty came they couldn't. She wouldn't let them. It was HER dog. LOL, I'm surprised she let me pet the dog.

Is Mia new in your house? Hopefully she will grow to include you as mine did.
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