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Bizarre Behaviour

Just curious if anyone can help figure out why Miss Mia my (best guess) 6 or 7 year old kitty who wants nothing to do with people what so ever Tortie is so obsessed with Kita.
She routinely will find Kita sprawled out on the floor which is Kitas most desired position for 20+ hours a day. Mia will come up to her, snuggle and rub herself all over her and then proceed to try and nurse from Kita. Who I may add is spayed and has been for the past 6 years of her life so there is no way its a milk related behaviour.

I love that Mia has a bond with something in this house because it sure as heck is not one of us. She acts almost feral in the house hiding in the basement in the ceilings most of the day. As soon as a new voice is heard here she is GONE. No matter how hard you look for her she is hidden. Many people who frequent here do not believe me that she exists (because if you have 12 pets around its so tempting to make up another one lol)

Her nursing thing baffles me, and what baffles me even more is Kita will lean over while she is sucking away purring her little heart out and start grooming her like Mia was a puppy of hers or something.

Any insight to the odd animals i have would be greatly appreciated
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