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today I found out my dog has epilepsy. We was in the garden at my aunties and suddenly he dropped to the floor, being tense, shacking and foaming at the mouth. he tried walking but his feet were curled and just kept falling over until he couldnt no longer. This went on for 20 minutes before we could get him to the vets. He was like this for just over 2 hours until the only way to stop it was too knock him out. Thankfully he hads finally stopped and will come home tomorrow. Their putting him on tablets for epilepsy. It was a horrible moment especially because this happened a year ago due to a reaction from an antiobiotic after his face ballooning after being stung. He's a strong dog after suffering from distemper as a puppy and being beaten resulting in his nerveous system being damaged and trouble walking. Fingers crossed the tablets work ok. I never knew epilepsy in a dog could be so bad until I had to witness this and believe people should be more aware.
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