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I find it interesting how people are still willing to rely on a commercial source of food, just in case they may not be doing things right... and that is probably one of the worse reasons to graviate towards commercial raw. I wonder if I can get you to rationalize that by purchasing commercially prepared raw, you are essentially doing the very same thing you were doing with commercially prepared kibble.

My question to you is, if you don't know what is appropriate for your dog, then how are you going to know if this food product you are buying is??? Purcahsing commercial raw is no different than purchasing commercial kibble. - You are relying and trusting on the manufacturer, and isn't that what we've done all these years with commercial kibble?

A natural raw diet, is just that... simple plain ole fresh meat from the fridge and it's truly not rocket science. If you can read the label of various meats on a tube of commercial raw, then you certainly can go out and purcahse the same thing.

Part of the principale behind the raw diet, is to know what is going in your dog. By purchasing a pre-made raw product, you really don't know what you are putting in your dog's mouth, unless it's simple plain meat, and if it is, it's certainly far better value at a store.

( Just saying)

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