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Hi All

It's very great to constantly see new raw enthusiasts make the 'switch'.

Amanda, we have put so many dogs on raw, I can't even begin to tell you, but I will tell you this. Hungry dogs don't starve themselves. if you dog won't eat, put the food away and wait till next meal time.

You can try to yummy it up with fish oil or sardine oil smear on it, or sprinkle with real parmeasan cheese, or smear on butter ( which is fine because it's a fat) - even a grated boiled egg

Every single dog we've pulled out of a puppy mill or shelter, dogs who KNOW starvation, have to date, NEVER refused or looked sideways at raw food.

And it's ok to feed a variety of foods including organs. What you need to remember is that if your dog caught a squirrel, it would have two kidneys, only one liver and one heart. Same holds true of your dog caught a giraffe or a water buffalo, so the organs should be proportionate to the amount of meat you feed.

Best of luck.

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