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Originally Posted by Dracen View Post
Kathryn - I know how long they can go without eating - my snake went three or so months without anything and he was just fine. He had been eating just fine once a week before this, though - could it be that his eating slowed down with age?

Patti - It is NOT required a snake be fed in a separate cage - that's not true at all. Web pages on it can be found here ( and here ( Most snake experts do not see it as necessary at all and the rational for it can be easily dealt with. Don't feel pressured to feed your snake in a separate cage.
Not sure about the age thing, I haven't heard either way. If he was slowing down he probably would have started that a while ago.

As for the separate cage thing, it depends on the snake & the type of bedding used & if you are feeding live or frozen. The main reason you would take a snake out and use a different container would be either A. When the snake strikes he/she has a history of accidentally ingesting the substrate or B. If the snake has territorial issues with you putting your hand in the tank and the snake keeps striking at you.

Simple answer? He probably wasn't hungry. I'd try again in a few days and only start to worry if 3-4 weeks pass and no luck.
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